Photovoltaic: Sun gives us Energy

“Ask not what the planet can do for you. Ask what you can do for your planet”

Respect and awareness toward the environment are innate in the company’s DNA. Since the start of its activity the MC IMPIANTI weighted the compatibility of the solutions chosen with the surrounding environment. Being always aware of the problem of air and water pollution, the MC IMPIANTI promotes a culture of environmental protection and respect. Today more than ever we are facing the problem of controlling the harmful effects of the high industrialization of our country and planet. The research for alternative renewable and exploitable energy sources is an activity the world is engaged in since generations. With the official signing of the Kyoto protocol and the commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, Italy breathed new life into the research for alternative solutions for energy supply. What is happening now is a real race to the renewable. In the MC IMPIANTI this compromise started seven years ago, when the foresight of sensitive people, aware of the changes that the world is undergoing, allowed to introduce among the activities and services offered, also the design and manufacture of power systems of renewable and clean sources. The attention to the environmental problems is so rooted in our culture that stimulated the establishment of a department of MC IMPIANTI created and devoted only to work on renewable energy, competent and ready to spread culture, knowledge and to make the wishes of all the people that decided to improve their lives and the lives of others by investing in the world of clean energies come true.
A division of the technical department works on planning the best solutions for every customer: the engineering approach, the feasibility study, the needs assessment and the creation of a project are the workflow through which is possible to create high performance systems.
Every type of clean energy can be wisely exploited.

The sun is the primary energy source, from which the fossil fuels derive. The solar radiation is life: the vegetation and human life derive from the presence of the solar radiation that emanates a power much greater than the whole humankind’s needs. Sun energy is a clean source, always present and usable; is a convertible and renewable energy source available to everyone. Being strongly convinced of the infinite possibilities deriving from the exploitation of solar radiation, the MC IMPIANTI undertook a path that was considered pioneering at its beginning and now is futuristic and challenging: to spread the culture of renewable sources and propose the exploitation of the sun as an alternative energy source.
Since many years the MC IMPIANTI designs and manufactures photovoltaic systems: most of our customers are residential, that is all the people that choose to install a system domestically to reduce the consumption of their own house and invest in clean energy.
The photovoltaic was created as a mean of energy conservation, but the incentive formula in the decree commonly called “Conto Energia” (Feed-in tariff), soon made it a powerful investment tool, so much that it fostered the establishment of solar power plants installed on the ground: those plants will allow to reduce the production capacity of Enel (the Italian National Electricity Board) that will gradually phase entire plants out.
Domestic systems, photovoltaic canopies, photovoltaic brise soleil, solar fields, solar flat roofs, photovoltaic curtain walls: the sun is everywhere and can be exploited.

Every type of system is part of the range of solutions that MC IMPIANTI provides and offers. The common ground is the choice of technologically advanced, safe, eco-friendly and carefully designed solutions.
The sun is the protagonist also in the production of hot water for fixtures and heating. MC IMPIANTI designs and manufactures Solar Thermal systems at all levels of integration and for every type of customer.
The MC IMPIANTI roadmap plans a massive use of renewable sources as an alternative to the fossil ones and also the systems designed will be conceived in that direction.
Photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power, and biomass: energy can be transformed from what is available in nature.

The energy independence is a reachable goal.