Domotics : The advantages

To live in an intelligent house means, first of all, comfort and control: the house thinks and interprets every wish of comfort and realizes it, without you having to lift a finger.
Through the automated management of the house it is possible to reach results in terms of:

  • Management of an ever increasing number of utilities;
  • less wiring;
  • reduction or elimination of electromagnetic pollution;
  • integration of all the systems under a single supervisor;
  • economic interface of all the analog and digital sensors;
  • replacement of the different alarm, access control, climatisation and irrigation control units, already integrated in the system.
Since not that long ago it seemed impossible to abandon methane, while today it is possible to have hot water and heating through renewable sources and without producing emissions harmful for the environment. The domotic systems allow to streamline the resources at best and contribute to reduce the waste with the benefit of protecting the environment and having less expensive bills.
The people that live in a domotic house know that carrying out so much housework in a few time, by simply pressing a button in a remote control, is an intelligent choice that exploits technology to have more free time.
 Moreover the domotic systems are able to warn and minimize the risks and dangers associated with fire, gas escape, water leaks and technical breakdowns. In case of intrusion, the modern anti-theft and video surveillance systems are integrated in the other house devices such as lights, doors, windows, sprinklers to warn of unwanted presences and to hinder an eventual escape.
Besides dangerous situations, domotics makes a difference also in the everyday life, because it allows to shape the house to your own needs, schedules and life rhythms.
In fact, it is possible to arrange scenarios to have the ideal climate and lighting in every room, and, perhaps, to cuddle yourself creating a particular atmosphere with ad-hoc sounds, perfumes, colors.
With a domotic system there is a significant reduction of the magnetic fields compared to the use of a regular electrical system. It is important to consider that we spend at least 8 hours a day in our bedroom. To eliminate the magnetic fields means living in a much healthier environment.
An intelligent system allows streamlining the use of alternative energy systems such as: solar panels, wind power generators, etc.