Photovoltaic: Why?

It is worthy of criticism the “eco-skepticism” of whom wants to do business with industrial methodologies and highly polluting energies (even the tobacco and cigarettes producers tried for years to cover up and then refute the carcinogen consequences of smoking: now they need to print them on the packets).
The renewable sources are not anymore just an additional element in the Italian energy policy.
The coordination of analysis and evaluation of the buildings and apartment blocks, for the energy efficiency and effectiveness, for the technological offer and the different financial solutions, incentives included, would result as positive for the balance of energy and for the household and environmental budget.
The quality of the social relationships among the flat owners, the citizens and the public administration would be improved and with it also the public-spirited attitude, a basic condition for good policies and politicians.
This is why Germany produces ten times more photovoltaic than Italy, the “Sun Country”.

The advantages of photovoltaic energy can be summarized in:

  • Production of zero emission electric power and easily usable in urban environments
  • Possibility of having small domestic systems
  • Modularity of the system, by increasing the number of modules it increases the power of the system
  • Operating and maintenance costs are minimized
  • Higher performance in the mid hours of the day when the energy demand is higher as the respective cost per kWh
  • Longevity of the system: more than 20 years
  • Energetic usability for the user, stable and guaranteed
  • Reliability of the systems since there are no moving components
  • Socially useful for the Public Entities
  • Profitability: after the initial costs amortization, the energy produced is generously donated by the sun; in other words, it’s an intelligent investment
  • Tax relief: possibility of accessing public funding through feed-in tariff or capital grants
  • Increase in the building value
  • Educational value: mankind produces energy in harmony with the environment and the future, more solar power and less nuclear and thermoelectric plants.
  • Ethical value: takes away “fuel” to the fights for oil and makes less convenient the risky coal extraction from mines.
  • Environmental value: savings on the fossil fuels and cut of the CO² emissions
  • Democratic source: present all over the world.


Following, a selection of pictures of the systems installed.

(... under construction ...)